International Alliance

Our office is member of the Tax Representative Alliance (TRA) with its main seat in Paris, France. TRA is an European alliance of independent firms which are specialized in handling VAT affairs for business clients.

The members of TRA are all approved VAT specialists in their countries. Most of them are accountants, lawyers or tax advisors and handle the VAT affairs of foreign groups and companies as tax representatives in their states. Big stock-listed groups, airlines and manufacturers are clients of TRA members as well as medium-sized companies and smaller firms like Amazon dealers.

Together with the other TRA members we can provide cross-border VAT representation and VAT advisory. Especially we can coordinate the VAT registration of a company in several European countries and the later monthly or quarterly compliance. The client has always the advantage that he has with us only one contact and we handle his VAT affairs in the other European countries with our TRA colleagues.

More information about TRA is available in the internet via